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My dog Cali was hit by a car going 45 miles per hour. She suffered head trauma, a collapsed lung, internal bleeding and swelling, a crushed shoulder and was not experiencing any sensation in one leg. She was not expected to live. I had an energy healer work on her remotely and she lived, the first miracle. We brought her home after 5 days in the hospital. The Dr. said she would need her left leg amputated. I asked for time. I took her back to the energy healer and Cali was able to put some pressure on her leg after this session. I then took Cali to Carla for massage work and after only a few sessions she no longer even has a limp. Her Dr. says this was miracle #2 that we saved the leg. Carla did amazing work with my dog's leg/shoulder recovery and I can't thank her enough.

-- Debbie L.

Cali is a young Golden Retriever/Chow cross.  In this picture she is shown standing.

Platypuss the Cat

My cat was just 5 years old when he had a reaction to anesthesia that left him with severe nerve damage similar to cerebral palsy. The neurologist told me that there was little chance of regaining his mobility. The cat has been a patient of Carla's for the past 2 years. Massage, combined with acupuncture, has been his only treatment. My cat can now sit up, crawl, and even take a few steps, albeit like a drunken sailor. He continues to make slow progress and really seems to enjoy his massage time. Carla has him purring most of the session. He loves his time with Carla and the massage therapy has been very effective treatment.

-- Sheila B.

Platypuss and Sheila

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